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Bloomberg Administration Sounds the Alarm Over NYPD Reform Bills

The New York Observer

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly threatened in their starkest terms to date today that two police reform bills headed for passage will compromise public safety–enabling terrorists, criminals and gang members–but refused to place the blame on the City Council speaker, who is allowing the bills to go to vote.

Poll finds New Yorkers want a watchdog for the NYPD

A Quinnipiac University poll found 68% of voters support the creation of an inspector general for the NYPD, an idea that has gotten backing from Democratic mayoral candidates but has been opposed by Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.
The Daily News

New Yorkers overwhelmingly want an independent inspector general to watch over the NYPD — and surveillance cameras to watch over New Yorkers, a new poll finds.

The poll from Quinnipiac University found 68% of voters support the creation of an inspector general — an idea supported by most Democratic mayoral hopefuls but vigorously opposed by Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who say it would imperil public safety.

The same poll found 82% of voters want to see more surveillance cameras.

Poll finds support for outside watchdog for NYPD

Associated Press

City voters overwhelmingly support a plan to put the New York Police Department under the scrutiny of an outside watchdog, even though they give police good marks overall, according to a poll released Thursday.

Two-thirds of respondents favored the proposal for an NYPD inspector general, while a quarter opposed it in the Quinnipiac University poll. It comes as lawmakers hone the plan for what's expected to be a "yes" vote.

Unions, activists react to Cuomo’s State of State

New York Amsterdam News

During last week’s State of the State address in Albany, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo touched on almost every hot-button topic that’s dominated public conversation, like women’s rights and gun control. Cuomo also discussed education, increasing the minimum wage and stop-and-frisk. It’s no surprise that several union members and activists had something to say about Cuomo’s take on those subjects.