The Right To Know Act

On Thursday, November 13, Communities United for Police Reform joined New York City Council Members, community members and advocates to unveil the Right to Know Act, a legislative package that aims to protect the civil and human rights of all New Yorkers while promoting communication, transparency and accountability in everyday interactions between the NYPD and the public. This common-sense legislation would: 1) Require NYPD officers to identify themselves to the public and 2) Protect New Yorkers against unlawful searches.

Cop Watch NYC is a website to help citizens document police conduct and hold the police accountable.  The site provides quick access to important Cop Watch tips, resources, support and best practices for individuals, organizations and teams of community members who want to safely and legally conduct Cop Watch in their communities. is project of, in partnership with Communities United for Police Reform and Peoples' Justice for Community Control & Police Accountability

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Marching for Justice

Last year, tens of thousands of people called for an end to police brutality; boldly and unapologetically demanding that #BlackLivesMatter and all people deserve access to safety, dignity and respect from law enforcement. Outraged by the police killings of Eric Garner, Mike Brown and too many others who have unjustly lost their lives to police brutality and violence, we marched to demand justice.

On August 23, we joined the #WeWillNotGoBack March for Justice to call for zero tolerance for police brutality and an end to discriminatory policing that fails to keep New Yorkers safe.
CPR at #WeWillNotGoBack March for Justice

Priorities for the New NYPD Inspector General

The first-ever NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure assumed his role in late May 2014. The NYPD Inspector General's responsibilities include investigations, reviews and audits of systemic NYPD issues, resulting in recommendations to improve the NYPD's policies, programs, practices, and operations; with the goal of enhancing the department's effectiveness, improving public safety and protecting the rights of all New Yorkers. Similar to other inspectors general for New York City agencies, the NYPD Inspector General is situated within New York City's Department of Investigations (DOI). More info...

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Know Your Rights!

The first step in protecting your rights is knowing them! CPR has developed a brief booklet to help New Yorkers of all backgrounds understand their rights when interacting with the police.  Print copies are available through CPR member groups, or you can download it here.  


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CPR Change the NYPD
RT @SASYOUTHNYC: #LGBT groups honor spirit of Stonewall by saying police stops & consent searches are an #LGBT issue
July 1, 2015 - 5:59pm
CPR Change the NYPD
RT @NYCLU: "The #NYPD's support of the #LGBT community does not extend to the treatment of #transgender youth in #NYC."
July 1, 2015 - 5:47pm
CPR Change the NYPD
RT @nytimes: Long taught to use force, police warily learn to de-escalate
July 1, 2015 - 5:17pm