Mother of Ramarley Graham Responds to NY Supreme Court Judge’s Ruling against City & NYPD for Withholding Records in Killing of Unarmed Teenager & Misusing State Law 50-a

In response to a preliminary ruling by Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez in a lawsuit brought by the family of Ramarley Graham, Communities United for Police Reform, and the Justice Committee against the NYPD for refusing to comply with a FOIL request for information related to Graham’s killing, his mother Constance Malcolm released the following statement.

“We are glad that the court has rejected the city’s main arguments for continuing to hide records related to the murder of my son Ramarley and is forcing the NYPD to release records related to its officers killing my son nearly six years ago. The court also called out the NYPD’s misuse of state law 50-a under the de Blasio administration and questioned the intentions of the NYPD’s ridiculous delays in moving forward disciplinary processes for officers engaged in misconduct. It’s disgusting that the de Blasio administration has fought in court against a mother whose son was killed by the NYPD to conceal records that could provide our family with some basic answers. It’s especially hypocritical because when de Blasio was Public Advocate in 2012 and was running for Mayor, he urged the city to do a ‘speedy and transparent investigation’ immediately after my son was killed by NYPD officers. It is our hope that the city will not continue dragging out our ability to receive answers any longer than the six years it already has delayed. It shouldn’t require the family members of victims and community members to wage non-stop campaigns for more than a half-decade just to get basic answers and accountability, but that has been the reality we’ve faced dealing with the de Blasio administration.”

The court decision can be accessed here:

A copy of the initial FOIL request, with the specific records requested and the court ordered to be released highlighted, can be accessed here:

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