Mother of Ramarley Graham, Family’s Attorney & the Justice Committee Respond to NYPD Plea Agreements with Officers Involved in Killing Graham

In response to a report and other information confirming that two of the officers involved in the killing of Ramarley Graham (Sergeant Scott Morris and Officer John McLoughlin) reached plea agreements with the NYPD on departmental charges, the mother of Graham - Constance Malcolm – issued the following statement.

“My son Ramarley was gunned down and murdered by NYPD officers, who engaged in wide-reaching misconduct against my son and family, nearly six years ago. We still don’t even know the names of many of the offices involved and today’s news only relates to the actions of those officers we could identify. It shouldn’t take more than half-a-decade to hold officers accountable for the unjust killing of a civilian. The foot-dragging and delays are just another example of the de Blasio administration’s failure to hold police officers and the NYPD accountable, undermining justice and perpetuating inequality in this city. Every step of the way, the Mayor and NYPD have misled me and the public about this process and these officers, and this administration continues to fight in court to conceal information on the police misconduct that led to my son’s killing.

“Richard Haste should have been in prison but instead of even firing him, the de Blasio administration let him resign. Sergeant Scott Morris, who was the ranking officer in charge on the scene that day officers improperly entered my home and killed my son, deserves to be fired and it is in the best interests of New Yorkers’ safety that he will resign from the NYPD. Officer John McLoughlin, who was responsible for kicking down the door to my home that led to Ramarley being shot and killed also deserves to be fired, but instead he’s been earning pay raises and significant overtime in the nearly six years since killing my son. McLoughlin’s loss of vacation days and placement on probation aren't adequate or appropriate consequences for his actions that led to the murder of my son, who was killed in what should have been the safety of our home. McLoughlin lied on the stand and is pleading guilty to nearly the same departmental charge related to the improper entry of our home as Richard Haste did, so it doesn't make sense that he will not be removed from the department as well. Police accountability shouldn’t require the family members of victims and community members to wage non-stop campaigns for more than a half-decade – the fact it requires that in New York City under self-labeled “progressives” like Bill de Blasio and others speaks to a lack of commitment to real justice by politicians.

“I'm glad Sergeant Morris will be off the force within a month, and am calling on the NYPD and the de Blasio administration to reconsider the probation for McLoughlin and fire him instead, and to also release the files related to my son's murder that they have been fighting in court to continue withholding.” 

Royce Russell, an attorney for Graham’s family, stated:

“Once again, the NYPD has failed to display transparency as they informed Ms. Malcolm of a plea deal that was negotiated on behalf of Sergeant Scott Morris and Officer John McLoughlin just minutes before she learned that the story was leaked to media.  It is pathetic that Ms. Malcolm was not kept abreast during the process of the negotiations as she mentally and emotionally prepared for trial. At some point, the people of Bronx county must demand and receive more than "by the way" information from the NYPD and de Blasio administration. It's long past time for change.”

Loyda Colon, Co-Director of the Justice Committee, said:

“Sergeant Scott Morris and Officer John McLoughlin – like former NYPD officer Richard Haste – should both be in prison for their roles in Ramarley's murder. Departmental discipline, even when it results in termination, is nowhere near an adequate consequence for taking the life of a young, unarmed Black man in his own home - especially when it's taken close to 6 years for any action to be taken. That said, Sergeant Scott Morris would still be on the force if it weren't for the non-stop leadership and organizing of Ramarley's mother, Constance Malcolm, and the work of dozens of New York City and national organizations who have supported Ramarley's family's campaign - so we should understand this as a movement victory. New York City will be safer when NYPD Sergeant Scott Morris is off the streets next month.”

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