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September 30 thru October 30 // City-wide Cop Watch Training Series

Location: All 5 Boroughs, click flyers below for details on each borough training

Justice Committee, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement are holding a month-long, city-wide Cop Watch Training Series. 

This series includes one training in each borough!
Trainings are free and open to the public! 

Attend one of these trainings to learn more about what cop watch is and through interactive, hands-on activities, learn how you can monitor and document police activity as safely and effectively as possible.  You will also learn important Know Your Rights information and how to educate your community, conduct Cop Watch, and deter police abuse in your communities.

What is Cop Watch?

Cop Watch is an effective and legal tool for empowering communities, ending police misconduct, unprofessional behavior, and discrimination. You have the right to film the actions of police officers in public places, and seizure or destruction of recordings by police is a violation of your constitutional rights. For more information about Cop Watch, visit www.copwatchnyc.org.

Why this series? Why now?

Eric Garner (Staten Island), Alejandro Rodriquez (Queens), Ronald Johns (Harlem), Rosan Miller (Brooklyn), and Santiago Hernandez (Bronx)--these are all New Yorkers who were brutalized or killed by the NYPD this year. We know about their cases because there is video documentation, taken by brave, everyday New Yorkers.

Given the epidemic of police violence we are facing in our city and around the country, and the recent push back against the practice of documenting police activity by the NYPD, this series is more important now than ever.

For more information about the training series or to RSVP for a training, email info [at] PeoplesJustice [dot] org or call 212-614-5343.

Borough Trainings