Press Releases

CPR Responds to NYPD Killing 66-Year-Old Deborah Danner

In response to the NYPD killing 66-year-old Bronx resident Deborah Danner on Tuesday night, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Monifa Bandele.

As de Blasio & O’Neill Give Monthly Crime Data Briefing, Reform Campaign Releases Month’s Compilation of Alleged Abuses & Misconduct

As Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner O’Neill give briefing on crime data from the last month and continue promoting “neighborhood policing,” media reports highlighting allegations and incidents of NYPD abuses, misconduct and lack of accountability continue.

Ramarley Graham's Family Files Request for City Hall & NYPD Records on Teen's Killing by Police

As New Questions, Inconsistencies about Ramarley Graham Killing Go Unanswered by de Blasio & NYPD’s Lack of Transparency, Family & Supporters Announce Request for City Hall & NYPD Records under State Law

Wide-ranging request demands information on 12+ NYPD officers/officials responsible for misconduct related to killing, abuses of family members & actions undermining investigation

As Bratton Exits, Continued Reports Show Bratton Leaves Legacy of Alleged Abuses, Corruption, Misconduct & Excessive Force; Inaction Shows Failure to Address Police Accountability

Summer of safety touted by de Blasio/NYPD demonstrates safety from police abuse doesn’t exist, while de Blasio/NYPD take unprecedented steps to hide officers’ disciplinary and misconduct records; Officers who kill and brutalize continue reaping taxpayer salary increases as accountability is non-existent

On Bratton’s final day at the NYPD touting his legacy of leaving the city with one of the safest summers, media reports from throughout the summer solidify his legacy leaving intact and perpetuating police abuses, brutality, misconduct and failed accountability at the NYPD.

Elected Officials & Advocates File Legal Action Supporting Release of Summary Misconduct Record of NYPD Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

On day of filing deadline, city leaders & Garner’s mother oppose city’s appeal of court decision that rejected its argument on state law 50-a and ordered release of information

City’s appeal of state court decision contradicts mayor and NYPD’s statements that officer misconduct is shielded by state law when 50-a permits release based on court order

CPR Slams Chief O’Neill for Supporting Backroom Political Deal without Touted “Community Engagement”

In response to NYPD Chief James O’Neill, named successor to Commissioner Bratton, announcing his support for the deal Speaker Mark-Viverito and Commissioner Bratton struck in an attempt to block the Right to Know Act police reforms, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Mark Winston Griffith, executive director of Brooklyn Movement Center.

CPR Responds to Bratton Resignation, O’Neill Announced As Successor

In response to the announcement that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will resign and Chief of Department James O’Neill will succeed him, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Anthonine Pierre.

CPR Responds to Bronx Incident of Abusive Policing of Assemblyman Michael Blake

In response to reports that New York State Assembly Member Michael Blake was subjected to an abusive policing encounter in the district he represents, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Monifa Bandele.

On 2-Year Mark of Eric Garner’s Killing, Speaker Mark-Viverito’s NYPD Side-Deal Criticized As Charade

Moms of Garner & Ramarley Graham’s, advocates and council members committed to real reform announce continued push for Right to Know Act passage into law, ignoring Speaker-NYPD agreement

Community members convey risk in delaying police accountability reforms, highlight NYC as dangerous model of political obstruction that allows police abuses, brutality and killings to continue nationally