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Statement from CPR Re: Announcement by the de Blasio administration on stop-and-frisk agreement

In response to Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing an agreement to take steps to end the legal battle over the Floyd stop-and-frisk decision, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Joo-Hyun Kang.

“Reforming an agency that has systemically engaged in the discriminatory treatment of New Yorkers for more than a decade is a long-term undertaking.  This agreement is an important step in moving us closer to beginning the process ordered by the court last August, and it is refreshing that this new administration is committing to that process moving forward. Developing and implementing  meaningful, lasting reforms will require that New Yorkers impacted by stop-and-frisk abuses have significant and formalized roles – in the collaborative process that brings together various stakeholders to identify solutions, as well as in regular evaluation of compliance with agreed upon reforms.  We look forward to working to ensure that once the remedial process begins, we are able to create enduring changes that will help achieve true safety with dignity for all New Yorkers.”