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NYPD’s Alleged/Substantiated Abuses, Misconduct, Racial Disparities, and Lack of Accountability & Transparency Continue in January under de Blasio/O’Neill

de Blasio continues to inexplicably insist that training and ‘neighborhood policing’ are resolution to NYPD abuses/misconduct, in which officers abuse authority and violate oath to protect and serve

As Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill tout January crime statistics, the continued incidents and examples of alleged and substantiated abuses, misconduct, racial disparities, and lack of accountability remain. The ongoing NYPD abuses from January are just like December, November and previous months, but de Blasio and O’Neill act as if they don’t continue to occur. The mayor and commissioner have taken no concrete action on police accountability – and in some cases, only regressive endeavors to hide misconduct information – and continue failing to address racial and other inequities that perpetuate NYPD abuses and racial disparities in policing. Low-level marijuana arrests increased in 2016 and remain in the thousands, with the same large racial disparities in enforcement in communities of color.


January 3 - Former NYPD Cop from Hempstead to Plead Guilty in Fraud Case (Newsday)

January 3 - NYPD Investigating Video of Police Beating Man While Handcuffing Him (Gothamist)

January 3 - Fortress City: Security around Trump Tower Continues NYPD’s Post-9/11 Takeover of Public Space (Gothamist)

January 4 - New York Police Urged to Fix Inequities in Deployment of Investigators (New York Times)

January 4 - Sister of Man Shot Dead by Police in Brooklyn Disputes NYPD’s Version of Events (NY1)

January 4 - City Will Reimburse Homeless Men after NYPD Destroyed Their Belongings (Gothamist)

January 5 - How New York City’s ‘Progressives’ Killed a Critical Criminal Justice Reform (The Village Voice)

January 6 - Cops Again Toss a Homeless Man’s Stuff - and His Crutches (New York Daily News)

January 6 - Pit Bull in Bronx Shot, Killed by NYPD Officer (ABC New York)

January 6 - Sex Attacks Up 62 Percent in Greenpoint As Most Cases Remain Unsolved (DNAinfo)

January 9 - Tasers Won’t Solve Police Shootings (amNY)

January 9 - The Queens Precinct Where Stop-and-Frisk Survives (CityLimits)

January 9 - Slow Justice in the Ramarley Graham Case (amNY)

January 10 - Date Rape Comments by Brooklyn Police Captain are Condemned (New York Times)

January 10 - Bronx Sergeant Accused of Ceaseless Sexual Harassment That Led to Female Officer’s Resignation, in Shocking $54M Suit (New York Daily News)

January 11 - NYPD to Consider Reopening Greenpoint Acquaintance-Rape Cases Amid Uproar (DNAinfo)

January 12 - Eric Garner’s Mom Blasts City for Keeping Chokehold Cop’s Record under Wraps Despite Judge’s Greenlight (New York Daily News)

January 12 - NYPD Officer Indicted for Drunken Driving on Duty, Bronx DA Says (amNY)

January 12 - NYPD Lieutenant Worked Second Job As Yankee Stadium Security during Police Shifts (New York Daily News)

January 13 - Video Shows Cops Shortly before ‘Drunk’ Driving Patrol Car (New York Post)

January 14 - Heroin Dealing Ex-NYPD Cop Gets Four-Year Sentence (New York Daily News)

January 14 - Police Fatally Shoot Man with Screwdriver in Queens, NYPD Says (amNY)

January 16 - Officer Faces Possible Discipline in Fatal Shooting of Bronx Teenager (New York Times)

January 17 - Allegedly Racist, Pro-Trump Cop Accused of Taunting Army Vet during False Arrest (Gothamist)

January 18 - NYPD Presses Case against Cop Who Killed Ramarley Graham, Saying He Violated Playbook for Dangerous Entries (New York Daily News)

January 18 - Bharara Sues City over NYPD Rejecting Man with HIV (New York Post)

January 19 - Family of Woman Who Died in NYPD Custody Sues for Information behind Her Death (New York Daily News)

January 19 - Report: NYPD Response to Emotionally Disturbed Persons Leaves Much Up to ‘Random Chance’ (Gothamist)

January 19 - Two 17-Year-Old Girls Sue NYPD for $3M, Claim Cops Roughed Them Up Close to Their Brooklyn School (New York Daily News)

January 21 - Buskers Protest NYPD Crackdown at Second Ave Subway (Gothamist)

January 21 - Officer Richard Haste, Who Fatally Shot Ramarley Graham in the Bronx, Says He Handled Encounter Flawlessly (New York Daily News)

January 23 - Lawmakers Press NYPD on Deadly 2012 Cop Shooting of Unarmed Black Man (AP)

January 23 - City Agrees to Settle Class Action over Bogus Summonses for $75 Million (New York Daily News)

January 23 - Feds Sue NYPD over Man’s HIV Discrimination Claim (CBS News)

January 24 - Ramarley Graham’s Family Calls for Firings As Cop in Deadly Shooting Awaits Fate (NBC New York)

January 25 - NYPD Mounted Unit Cop Busted for Having Phone Sex with 16-Year-Old Girl, Sending Sexual Video (New York Daily News)

January 25 - Cop’s Defense: ‘The Ground,’ Not My Punch, Killed Bat-Wielding Man (New York Daily News)

January 25 - Thousands Rally in Manhattan to Protest President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration (New York Daily News)

January 25 - Ramarley Graham’s Family Says NYPD Withheld Evidence at Officer Trial (Gothamist)

January 25 - City Moves to Reveal Some Punishment of Police Officers (New York Times)

January 26 - Feds Say They Have Recordings of Possibly Illegal Conversations between Cops and Brooklyn Gun Dealer (Gothamist)

January 26 - Drunk Cop Got Into Crash: NYPD (Queens Chroncile)

January 27 - City Lawyers Defend Use of Military-Grade Sound Canons (Gothamist)

January 27 - The NYPD is Keeping Cop Disciplinary Record Secret...Except When It’s ‘Important’ (Gothamist)

January 27 - Any Immigrant Stopped by the NYPD is in Danger under Trump’s Plan (The Village Voice)

January 27 - Going Too Easy on Police Misconduct (New York Daily News)

January 27 - NYPD Employee Accused of Driving Drunk on Staten Island (Staten Island Advance)

January 27 - City Must Pay Albany Nonprofit Group’s Legal Fees from Its Suit over Withheld Undercover Cop Information (New York Daily News)

January 27 - City to Pay More Than $8M Settlement after Drunken Off-Duty Cop Nearly Kills Two Men (New York Daily News)

January 30 - A Crack in the Blue Wall (New York Daily News)

January 30 - Man Recalls Horror after Drunk NYPD Cop Blasted His Car with 14 Bullets (New York Daily News)

January 31 - Two Suits, One Aim: Make Police Officers’ Disciplinary Records Public (New York Times)

January 31 - NYPD Sergeant Found Guilty of Rape, Sexual Abuse of 13-Year-Old Girl (New York Daily News)

January 31 - Family of Bronx Man Who Died after Double Tasering by NYPD Files $10M Lawsuit (New York Daily News)

January 31 - Judge to Rule on Cops Who Shot, Killed Mentally Ill Harlem Man in 2012 (New York Daily News)




Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) is an unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York, and to build a lasting movement that promotes public safety and policing practices based on cooperation and respect– not discriminatory targeting and harassment. CPR brings together a movement of community members, lawyers, researchers and activists to work for change. The partners in this campaign come from all 5 boroughs, from all walks of life and represent many of those unfairly targeted the most by the NYPD. CPR is fighting for reforms that will promote community safety while ensuring that the NYPD protects and serves all New Yorkers.
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