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de Blasio & O’Neill Tout November Crime Statistics, Continue Failing to Address Alleged Abuses & Misconduct during Month

As Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill gave briefing on crime data from November, they continued to ignore alleged abuses and misconduct during month, including the police killing of Ariel Galarza just days after killing of Deborah Danner.

November 1 - NYPD Cop Found Guilty of Helping Bronx Drug Dealer Traffic Cocaine (New York Daily News)

November 2 - It’s Still Happening: NYPD Plainclothes Cop Stops and Frisks Black Teen for Standing on Sidewalk (Raw Story)

November 2 - Bronx Man Dies After Police Use Taser on Him ( New York Times)

November 3 - NYPD Bends Truth on Nuissance Abatement Law Closures (New York Daily News)

November 3 - Protesters Sue to Stop NYPD from Acting As Prosecutors (Village Voice)

November 3 - Let the Public See Police Officers’ Records (New York Times)

November 5 - New York Attorney General to Investigate Taser Death of Bronx Man (New York Times)

November 7 - Bronx Mom Claims NYPD Detective Wanted Sexual Favors for Protecting Her Son from Cops (New York Daily News)

November 10 - NYPD Detectives Wouldn’t Believe Me, Says Victim of East Village Sex Attack (DNAinfo)

November 10 - A Protest, A Police Officer, A Yelling Mother: The Story Behind a Photo (NPR)

November 10 - Brooklyn Businessman Pleads Guilty to Bribing NYPD Cops for Gun Permits (New York Daily News)

November 14 - Advocates Want More NYPD Officers Trained in Crisis Intervention (CBS New York)

November 14 - NYPD Detective Who Arrested Wrongly-Accused Man Under Internal Investigation (ABC New York)

November 15 - Manhattan DA Office Seeks to Limit NYPD Prosecution of Protesters with New Guidelines (New York Daily News)

November 15 - NYPD Union Boss’ Cop Son Fled the Scene of Shooting (New York Post)

November 15 - Off-Duty NYPD Cop Allegedly Pulls Gun on Woman in Fit of Road Rage (New York Daily News)

November 15 - New York City Helps to Keep Police Records Secret (New York Times)

November 16 - Officer In Bronx Parking Dispute is Charged with Misconduct (New York Times)

November 16 - NYPD Allows Top Cops Wide Range of Financial Interests with Little Oversight (WNYC)

November 17 - A Missing Loan Shark, Some Politicians and Piles of Money: One Top NYPD Cop’s Tangled Web (WNYC)

November 17 - High Ranking NYPD Cop Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Subordinate (New York Post)

November 17 - Bronx Man Alleges Civil Rights Abuse by 42nd Precinct Cops in Federal Lawsuit (NBC New York)

November 18 - NYPD Defends Oversight of Officials’ Outside Income (WNYC)

November 18 - NYPD Auxiliary Cop Arrested for Molesting at Least 2 Women (New York Daily News)

November 18 - Bronx NYPD Deputy Inspector Charged with Sex Abuse, Forcible Touching in Case Involving Subordinate (New York Daily News)

November 18 - Police Transparency Double-Talk from Bill de Blasio: No Excuse for Keeping CCRB Findings Secret (New York Daily News)

November 20 - Sister of Man Shot by NYPD in Brooklyn Disputes Police Account (Newsday)

November 21 - Watch How Broken Windows Policing Turns a Single Act of Farebeating into Three Arrests (Village Voice)

November 22 - NYPD Cop Accused of Beating Teen Says Injuries were Unintentional (New York Daily News)

November 22 - The NYPD Arrests Women for Who They are and Where They Go (Village Voice)

November 22 - NYPD Investigating SVU Detective at Center of Mistrial, $250G in Settlements (New York Daily News)

November 23 - NYPD Vet: Fellow Cops Mocked Me for Not Arresting Anyone (New York Post)

November 25 - Race and Marijuana Arrests (New York Times)

November 28 - NYPD Detective Caught on Camera Allegedly Gambling to Set Suspect Free (PIX 11)

November 29 - Assistant DA Arrested for Wiretapping to Spy on ‘Love Interest’ (New York Post)

November 29 - Man Accused of Murder by NYPD’s 42nd Precinct: ‘I Want It to Stop’ (NBC New York)



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