Sign the CPR Petition to help end discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing practices in NYC!

YES! I believe our communities need CPR/Communities United for Police Reform!

Each year, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are unlawfully stopped, frisked, or searched by the NYPD. Wrongful summonses and arrests, and incidents of excessive force and abuse, happen too often, with no real accountability. And, in extreme cases, NYPD officers have killed unarmed people.

"Stop and frisk" and other discriminatory policing practices target low-income communities of color, including: youth, people who are homeless, LGBT people, people with disabilities, immigrants, and women. These practices are an outrage, and do not promote public safety.

Now is the time for change! I stand with CPR in demanding:

  • Passage of comprehensive city and state legislation to end discriminatory, unlawful, and abusive policing practices.
  • Increased transparency and accountability, with independent mechanisms for NYPD oversight.

Count me in for CPR! I pledge to help build community power to promote safety and end discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing practices in NYC!

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